Barbara - Banana cake, cream cheese buttercream

Beatrice - Vanilla cake, chocolate fudge buttercream

Bethany - Chocolate cake frosted with vanilla buttercream
then covered with chocolate ganache

Betty - Chocolate chunk brownie, dulce de leche buttercream

Camilla - Cherry almond cake, cherry almond buttercream

Caroline - Carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Caitlin - Apple spice cake, dulce  de leche buttercream

Chanel – Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

Connie - Chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, cookies n
cream buttercream

Crystal - Coconut cake that is frosted with cream cheese
and covered in coconut flakes

Gigi - Chocolate cake, german filling, pecan coconut

Kennedy - Vanilla cake filled with key lime curd frosted with
key lime buttercream
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Lauren - Lemon cake with lemon buttercream

Maribel - Chocolate cake, peppermint buttercream

Payton - Pineapple upside down cake, pineapple

Paulina- Pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese

Penelope - Chocolate cake with peanut butter
buttercream topped with peanut butter drizzle

Ruby - Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Sabrina – Chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream
topped with graham crackers

Simone - Sweet potato cake, vanilla buttercream, brown
sugar drizzle

Scarlett - Strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream

Thelma - Chocolate cake, pecan caramel filling, vanilla

Victoria - Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Willlow - vanilla cake with raspberry puree topped with
white chocolate buttercream